Kuganha gives great views across the beautiful landscape within the Klein Karoo, visit one of the hidden jewels of the Western Cape, there is nothing more special than waking up and witnessing the beauty of the elephant or other wildlife roaming near your tent. When going on a safari, enjoy witnessing the impala, eland or stop at the dam and spot the shy hippo hiding under the water with only their nostril showing or even experience waking up to the roar of an African lion, terrifying but a beautiful experience.

Tented camp

Experience the true wonder of incredible scenery, untamed wildlife and genuine African luxury tented camps, go to bed to the sounds of wildlife calling, safely in your cossetted luxury tented camps.

Private and Romantic

If you would like to take your loved one of a romantic getaway, then look no further. Kuganha tented camps are excluded, private with beautiful landscapes. Relax around the pool or in the garden and experience the magic within the African bushes.

Tailor Made Safari

Kuganha prides itself in creating personalised safari tented camp experiences that cater for your particular interests, tastes and needs. Guest can look forward to creating their own safari destinations dreams come true.

A Luxury Experience

Rediscover Nature and wildlife in great style and embrace the beauty and wonder of overnighting in a true and genuine African safari setting. Relax and let the peaceful essence of the African wilderness be heard and felt.

Truly Authentic South African Braai

Let us help make your safari getaway unique and authentic. At Kuganha you will be able to sit around the fire, enjoy a glass of bubbly and relax while christo, Linda and Mariske wraps up South Africa's most well known foods called braai...

Close encounters with Africa’s Gentle Giants

Meet Bully and Nduna at Kuganha: These are our two free roaming elephants that you will be able to meet at the comfort near your safari tented camps. These gentle giants as we call them are now happily in their natural environment with a much bigger space to roam freely and express themselves!

Spend a night within the African Bush

Waking up in the African bush is definitely the first and last experience within wilderness you will never forget as you will be accompanied by beautiful bush wildlife sounds such as the early calling of the birds to welcome you to a beautiful day at Kuganha tented camps.

Romantic Settings within the wild

There is definitely romance to be discovered in spending your day in the untamed wilderness within Inverdoorn. Relax and enjoy the utterly glamorous and unique African destination.